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Sport Tours Professionals, LLC and Sport Tours Professionals, Europe are full-service travel companies. Our reputation for excellence is earned every day by providing the ultimate in value and personal attention.

Viktor and Bo-Göran have formed Sports Tours Professionals to offer tours out of the ordinary but still at an affordable price. Bo-Göran and Viktor are both social people who like to be with other people and to have fun together. Their social competence is high.

Viktor KrantzViktor Krantz
CEO, Sport Tours Professionals, LLC

Viktor was born and raised in Västerås, Sweden, where he still visit friends and family annually. After five years in Stockholm, he moved to the United States in 2000. He lives in a suburb of Kansas City with his wife Elizabeth and their three children: Jakob, Emma and Erik.

He has worked many years in the IT industry in Sweden and the United States. He has worked with media companies, advertising agencies and consulting companies. He has written several books and articles on IT and is still invited to speak at conferences in both Europe and the US.

He has participated in sports ranging from hockey to table tennis, but stuck to football when he as an exchange student in the United States played in high school. He founded Västerås Roedeers together with Bo-Göran in 1989 and he was an active a-team player until 1999.

Viktor travels year round and he has visited many places in Europe and North America, both for work and on vacation. Some of his favorite destinations are Italy, London, New York and Florida. He has been arranging travel since 1995.

Viktor is the CEO of the North American Division of Sports Tours Professionals and coordinates all activities in that market.

Viktor Krantz
Sport Tours Professionals, LLC
16371 W. 157th St.
Olathe, KS 66062
Phone: +1 913-538-1114

Bo-Göran LundqvistBo-Göran Lundqvist
CEO, Sport Tours Professionals, Europa

Bo-Göran is called Bogge or Bo by all who know him well. The family consists of his partner Lena and their children: Christopher, Wilma and Tindra. He lives and works in Västerås. Bo-Göran is a certified teacher and special education teacher.

Bo-Göran has played sports all his life. He played for the national team of Sweden in football and became European champion for the clubs in the same sport. After an active career he continues to train with fitness goals of shorter jogging races around Sweden.
In 1989 he founded Västerås Roedeers American Football club with Viktor.

Bo-Göran loves to travel and thinks everyone should have the chance for a good trip with plenty of sports and activities arranged by professional organizers. Through years of travel, Bo-Göran discovered that the most fulfilling vacations are the ones that have been well arranged with great staff, and that is a hallmark of Sport Tours Professionals!

Bo-Göran is the CEO of the European Division of Sport Tours Professionals and coordinates all activities in the European market.

Bo-Göran Lundqvist
Sport Tours Professionals, Europa
Jaktmarksgatan 7
722 23 Västerås
Phone: +46 70-550 00 85

Since our founding we have striven to make travel simple, worry-free, and fun for our customers. Your complete satisfaction is only the first of our goals - we want your travel experience to be memorable in positive ways, and to expand and enrich your life as nothing else can.

We pledge our full resources to the successful completion of every trip we help plan, regardless of its distance or duration. We are dedicated to provide you with the best guided tour of your favorite sport you could ever imagine.

Please let us know how we may better serve you.

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