To experience a week with sunshine, warmth and great American football with friends and our youth was the optimum experience. That SportToursPro organized and planned e.g. tail-gates before the games resulted in an overall experience.

Thanks for a very good arrangement. I look forward to next trip.

Per Sundström
Ordförande Västerås Roedeers

The week in Miami was a memory for life. Great weather mixed with great food and top-class football is hard to beat. I've experienced lots of new things and to also get to do it with my friends, is unforgettable.

Otto Unkila Posada
U-19 spelare Uppsala 86ers

The trip was great!  We were able to enjoy three different football games at three separate venues.  The weather, shopping, food and comradely were outstanding.  I look forward to future trips.

Kevin Ohrenberg
Olathe, KS

By far the most enjoyable trip I've ever done. Being able to hang out with the guys and watch football and eat good food in an almost tropical climate was wonderful!

Hope that the next trip with SportToursPro become as memorable!

Jonas Edlund
Spelare Västerås Roedeers

Thanks Pro Sports Tours for the wonderful days in Fort Lauderdale for me and my closest for 10 days. We got everything we wished for and then some. Next time we will take Sports Tours again that does it all for us.

Glenn Eriksson

Great trip! Can it get any better?

Glenn Eriksson
Ungdomstränare Västerås Roedeers