New York 2008

Thursday October 30 - Monday November 3


We apologize for the bad translation. It was done with an automatic service. We will update soon.


Once there, we are the hotel, we had a few hours on us before we went into Manhattan to go on our first sporting event and it was hockey!
Via a friend in Västerås so had Henrik Lundqvist (goalie in the New York Rangers) put away four tickets to us. In an already sold-out Madison Square Garden, it was fortunate that we had four tickets.

It was an experience to be part of an NHL game. It offered the most: goals, loud music, "mad" Yanks as Digg, fights on the ice, hot dogs and popcorn, etc..
We were very tired and sticky when the match ended so it was time to take a taxi back to the hotel and sleep. Yes, exactly! Rangers won the game against the Atlanta Trashers 3-2 and Henke was appointed to the MVP.


The day could be our big shopping day. We took the rental car and drove to a gigantic great outlet where the most famous shops and brands existed. It was for both 1000 and $ 2000! The most popular store was probably during Amour!

Voltage during the first highshcoolmatchen A bunch of hundred dollars poorer but much happier, we turned our course towards the hotel to rest for before we took off on the first American football game! Friday Night Lights, we began our footballswekeend with high school football. Belleville Buccaneers had Paramus Catholic Paladins visit. We have clearly players at home who would be the place of those teams.

The match was played on Halloween so we got to see many students who were dressed up. The match was won by Team by 14-28. While here we managed to buy some sausages and chips with cheese sauce.


We went to West Point to see the match between the Army Black Knights and Air Force Falcons. We were out in good time to have the tail-gate party! It was nothing when West Point is located in rural last mile is the only way. When 45,000 people to be there while it gets endless tailbacks.

In the last lap we had ride yellow school bus (have only seen them on film before) and West Point is great. There is a school for officers' children, shops, etc.. Everyone who works there has their own houses, often with their own name on the stairs. Inside the field we went in 30 minutes before we came to the plan. Once there we got to see a match between two teams that just runs and runs. To be a receiver in any of these teams can not be fun. It was fun the other hand, was watching the event! Half of the far gallery was filled with cadets in uniform, powerful. They had horses with logging on, lots of the sale of souvenirs, food and drink, there were obviously lots of also.

The actual Air Force won the match with 7-16 and afterwards we took the bus back to the car where we could finally have our tail gate party (well, we ate and drank a bit anyway). Then we took the car to the hotel before we later went into Manhattan to go to the ESPN sports bar. Everything in the U.S. is big and powerful. At the sports bar as there were so many TV screens, so it was not possible to count all, they were even in the toilet! It set up and pee at a urinal that had a small television screen in front of your eyes!


Then it was time for the big NFL game. Giants v Cowboys. Unfortunately, only half of us bought tickets in advance so the others could see the match at the hotel. It is powerful to walk into these huge stadiums with a capacity of 75,000 people.

Giants Stadium was full of course of this year's game was in the U.S.. Reigning Super Bowl champions against the "U.S." law. Giants won this fight with 35-14! We lived within walking distance to the Giants stadium so it was nice to quickly get home after the game. It was pretty cold this Sunday in New York.


We went to Manhattan one last time and walked around the streets among all the people and spend our last money. Back to the hotel and pack and then take a taxi to the airport.

Here we will go several times!